~excerpted from Simply Enough: Create Space for What Matters

What is Enough?

Adequate. Sufficient. As much as necessary. Meeting expectations.

How much water does a flower need?
Is a cactus less thirsty than a daffodil?

What is Enough?

Somewhere between plenty and scarce, abundant and lack, prosperity and poverty. A feeling of satisfaction.

When does an empty stomach become full?
How is it possible for need to turn to greed?

Do I have enough? Have I done enough? Am I enough?

What IS Enough?

~video by Daniel Franks, with poetry by Sora, photo-art by Daniel Franks, music by Paul Baker


The dictionary uses some of the same words to define enough and essential. The words are similar, but the meaning of essential goes deeper.

Enough denotes a sense of adequacy. Essential goes to the heart of what is truly important.

To get to the essence requires us to peel away the surface wants, to feel into what is calling us to do more than just exist. The essence is what the Soul needs in order to truly live.

What is most essential to you?

If you are a musician, it may be your instrument. If you are an artist, it will be your paints or clay or whatever canvas you can find. If you are a natural-born teacher, you will always need your students. If you are a humanitarian, your life will not be complete unless you are finding a way to serve a greater cause. Maybe your cause is your family, and serving them is more important than anything else you could do.

At the essence of every one of us, there is a spark of something great. When you find yours, do not hold back.

Think beyond the basics into the heart of your joy. You can have whatever your heart desires.

Just get rid of the rest.

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