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The Miracle Keys is a delightful story, written as a conversation with an angel and 5 keepers of the keys to a happy, fulfilling life. You will meet these imaginary beings as you explore how forgiveness, laughter, belief, gratitude, stillness, and generosity can unlock some hidden treasures you may have forgotten were there.

This uplifting book explores these complex spiritual foundations in a simple way, inspiring a deeper inquiry into how you are using these keys in your own life. The Miracle Keys will show you that it’s not really that difficult to live a life where miracles find you…as YOU become a miracle for the world.

And this is more than a book! It’s fuel for a deeper conversation about how we might show up to create real world change. To learn more about using The Miracle Keys to start a conscious giving circle for your community, CONTACT ME

Here are a few of the conversations this book has started:
Finding the Miracle Flow with Angela Levesque, OM Times Radio
Real Generosity with Sharon Lipinski, Living Generously
Manifesting Miracles with Jena Harris, Blissfully Empowered

“Reading the Miracle Keys creates a happy openness in my heart. It’s a book I will read over and over to help remind me of the important keys to a happy, meaningfully life. I plan on buying many copies to share with loved ones!” -Anne, WA

“What a delightful book! I loved getting acquainted with the Keepers of the Keys as they revealed the keys, one by one. Sora’s writing drew me right into the dream and I felt like I was right there with her in the conversation with the angels…what a gift! Yes, yes, I nodded as the truths resonated with my own heart, page after page. This is a light-hearted read, perfect for reconnecting with a higher consciousness in an easy, accessible, inspiring way.” -Anne, ID

“A quick and transformative read. The Miracle Keys is about how to thrive and live life with an open heart. As I read, I felt my heart being infused with peace and stillness, hope and limitless love. So many of us journey throughout life seeking to gain what we do not have or what we think we need. This heart-warming story reveals that we already have what we need inside.” -Amazon Customer

“I was captivated from the very first page and felt the magic continue as I read on. Quickly transported into the story, I felt my mind and heart opening wider. The Miracle Keys is a unique combination of a Divinely inspired vision, sacred poetry, and spiritual truths that apply to everyday life. Give yourself the gift of reading this book.” -Vasi, CA

“It’s not very often I run across a book that captivates and simultaneously inspires me. I have read this book twice and used a portion of it in a speech at church. The beauty of the book is in the revelation of simple innate truths embedded within the foundation of our hearts and soul. It is a book of inward reflection ultimately giving away all that we find…only to discover that what is within cannot be diminished or exhausted, only fueled to a greater excellence.” -Bill Resto, CA

“This is a delightful book to read. A wonderful gift too. I enjoyed reading The Miracle Keys and found it inspiring. It flows beautifully and takes the reader on a heartwarming journey” -Lesley Ann, UK

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