Sora Garrett

"It's time to stop searching ... and simply START shining"

I share more of my story of being a highly sensitive & creative humanitarian HERE

Do you ever wonder what you could be doing to create a better world…without exhausting yourself in the process?

Would you love to have more time in your calendar, more meaning in your life…less clutter in your closets?

As a highly creative, sensitive (& organized) person, I’ve cultivated a life of spacious, joyful and generous flow.

Let me help you create more joyful flow in your life, too.

Simple?  Not always, but as we live with our hearts wide open, our days free of excess clutter, something magical happens.

We begin to SHINE as a solution for whatever is in front of us.

Join me in celebrating what’s Good in the world, while I show you some simple ways to create Impact with your life.

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 Create a miracle with me…

This is a philanthropy playground where 33% of everything I receive
through my programs goes to support grassroots change.

This is how we become a miracle for our world.
One small act of generosity at a time.

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Thank you for BEING (and being here).
I look forward to connecting!

Let Yourself Grieve

This year has taken its toll on even the most positive minds. Whether or not we’ve been directly touched by COVID or politics or natural disasters or global warming, we are each impacted by the waves of loss, the tides of sorrow, the ripples of change.

Pass the Gratitude, please

How many ways can I be grateful? Plenty. Even during a month and year that will go down in history as one of the most difficult & divisive for our nation and world.

LOVE: a United State

As we move into the final weeks before an election that has no possibility of uniting a divided nation, where in the world do we turn?

How did we even get here, this place where fear and anger are clogging the media, where good people are beginning to give up on living in a nation, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all?

3 Essential Questions

I’m writing this on a day that serves as a reminder that life can be fleeting and what-matters can shift in a moment.

Not that we need the reminder this year, when the whole world is getting a wake up call to tune into the essential. Still, some things bear repeating.

Grow a Simple Life

It takes intention & persistence to focus on the beautiful and the good, and to grow a simple life in a world that seems to be only getting more complex. It isn’t simple to stay simple,

Happiness Keys

It’s not easy to be happy when so many people are facing difficult times. Sometimes it’s even difficult to admit to being happily thriving when you know others are barely surviving.

But one thing the world needs right now is for us to hold a Frequency of Love, which partly means being willing to share our happiness, even in the midst of sadness, despair, anger, worry, fear.

Find your essential spark.

Have you lost your spark of inspiration? The world needs our light more than ever, but it can be overwhelming and confusing to find joy and passion in the midst of so much world trauma.

Reveal Your Inner Treasure

There is a treasure in you…a deep quiet that surrounds
all the shiny objects stored in the crevices of your life.

Here, in this still center is where the adventure begins
…revealing the diamond that is the essence of You.

A new (spacious) normal

One thing is certain. Things are not as they were. Normal is taking on a new definition, and life is moving in ways we barely recognize. Fear can still be felt in the air, but also hope and the blossoming of the earth. Here, in this new normal, we are given a choice....

An Antidote for Fear

I've been a bit silent on the corona conversation, watching and integrating, sifting through facts and opinions, sharing some of the more meaningful perspectives while I continue to cultivate what I want to say. Honestly, it seems like most everything has been said,...

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