Sora Garrett

"It's time to stop searching ... and simply START shining"

I share more of my story of being a highly sensitive & creative humanitarian HERE

Do you ever wonder what you could be doing to create a better world…without exhausting yourself in the process?

Would you love to have more time in your calendar, more meaning in your life…less clutter in your closets?

As a highly creative, sensitive (& organized) person, I’ve cultivated a life of spacious, joyful and generous flow.

Let me help you create more joyful flow in your life, too.

Simple?  Not always, but as we live with our hearts wide open, our days free of excess clutter, something magical happens.

We begin to SHINE as a solution for whatever is in front of us.

Join me in celebrating what’s Good in the world, while I show you some simple ways to create Impact with your life.



Books, E-Books and other Resources that will remind you how brilliant you already are, while inspiring you to shine even more of yourself into the world.




Personal or Group support for living a more spacious, joyful, and generously-flowing life.

…or mentor yourself with one of my inspirational self-guided e-courses!

Ignite Your Inner Star: a self-guided, creativity-igniting, design-your-own-way life igniting system that will help you find your unique brilliance…and keep it shining.

Joyful Simplicity: a spa-like program to nourish your inner simple while helping you organize your outer chaos.




Free reminders of what is Good in the world.  Simple whispers from my heart. Let them open yours. 

The Simply Shine BLOG and monthly muse-letter offer poetic & practical support for creating a more spacious, generous, joyful life.

Journey2Simple private FB Group offers ideas for creating lives with less stuff & stress, more joy & meaning.

Let’s create everyday miracles!

This is a philanthropy playground where half of everything I receive
through my products & programs flows to the The Miracle Playground.

This is how we become a miracle for our world.
One small act of generosity at a time.

Thank you for BEING (and being here).
I look forward to connecting!

Find Your Holiday Sparkle

Some might scowl when I say how much I love winter...but, I do! I love the chill of frost, the sparkle of freshly fallen snow, the crunch of boots on snow-packed paths, twinkling lights against a dark night sky, sitting with a cup of cocoa near a crackling fire. I...

Simply Grateful

It’s the little things that melt my heart the most— an unexpected gift, baby laughter, a well-timed glance outside to see the sun casting glittering diamonds upon my favorite tree, the sound of your smile as it whispers my name across a crowded room. I know you’ll...

Harvest Your Blessings

Grapes have been called the fruit of the Gods, and as I turn clusters of this divine fruit into dozens of quarts of happy pink nectar, I might agree. But as I’ve cared for our 80 yards and 10 varieties of grapes over the past few years, I’ve discovered this God-fruit...

Choose Amazement.

Spaciousness can often appear as emptiness, and it's easy to mistake that for a lack of importance. Until we sit in the empty space for long enough to hear what is really going on beneath the surface of in the ocean, where layers and whole ecosystems live...

Savor the Beautiful

"Once there was a woman who wanted to change the world & at first, she thought it'd be easy, because if everyone could see how beautiful it'd be, it'd take about a minute...but all the people she talked to were too busy to stop & listen. So, she went off &...

Can clearing clutter change the world?

(excerpt from my upcoming book, Simple Enough: Create Space for What Matters.) Can clearing clutter change the world? Maybe. You’ve probably noticed simplicity is a hot topic that appears to be reaching a tipping point. Here are a couple reasons why. We are drowning...

I hold you in my heart.

I hold you in my heart. I carry you in my heart. The Mother in me wants to wrap you in arms, as I see you sitting there so very still, with sadness all around. But I stay over here, giving you room to breathe, loving you across the space, because it's all I can do for...

The Miracle of Mothering

Today is a good day to say: Thank You, Mom. You gave me life, and more. You protected me when I was small, giving roots & nourishment for growing wings. I didn't fully appreciate the miracle until I became a mother too. Now I see the sacrifices you made, the...

Flowers & Spring Showers

April showers. Spring flowers. Clear the old. Plant some new. Watch as the seeds of last season patiently push through the ground to announce the start of spring. It takes sun and rain to make a rainbow, and lots of love to help a garden grow. Every little flower...

What makes a perfect day?

Today was beyond words. From sunrise to sunset, it was pure WOW. Celebrating birth. Honoring death. Connecting with friends. Being a catalyst for clean water. Basking in LOVE all day through. A perfect kind of day. ______________________ I wrote this simple note on...

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