Sora Garrett

"It's time to stop searching ... and simply START shining"

READ how being a highly sensitive & creative humanitarian has informed my work… 

Do you ever wonder what you could be doing to create a better world…without exhausting yourself in the process?

Would you love to have more time in your calendar, more meaning in your life…less clutter in your closets?

As a highly creative, sensitive (& organized) person, I’ve cultivated a life of spacious, generous flow.

Let me help you create more spacious flow in your life, too.

Simple?  Not always, but as we live with our hearts wide open, our days free of excess clutter, something magical happens.

We begin to SHINE as a solution for whatever is in front of us.

The world has more than enough problems. What if we have everything we need to solve them, buried beneath the excess clutter of our everyday lives?


 Let’s Shine for Good…together!

This is a philanthropy playground where a portion of everything I receive
through my programs goes to support grassroots change.

This is how we become a miracle for our world.
One small act of generosity at a time.

 Find my list of current projects HERE

Thank you for BEING (and being here).
I look forward to connecting!

Love is Calling

What do we do when the world is on fire?

I imagine you, like me, are feeling the heartbreak of recent world disasters: fires, floods, extreme heat…the many many misfortunes that have upended people’s lives around the globe this year.

Create a Beautiful Life

How do you create a beautiful life? One simple moment at a time.

This personal credo poem was inspired by an activity shared by author Amanda Turner during a fundraising event for the Star Community Library. I decided to share it as part of my 67th birthday celebration this year. Sixty seven years of creating a beautiful life…

Let Love Bloom

Enjoy this 2 minute animation of my Legacy of Love poem. Breathe deep, open your heart (and your screen) and give yourself permission to BLOOM as you savor all the flavors of spring.

Moving Rocks

It started with an empty box and a 5 minute activity: find 10 ‘treasures’ that we may be ready to let go during our Find Your Simple group clearing session.

As I walked through the rooms of my mostly clutter-free home, all I could see were rocks.


Painted rocks. Crystals. Cairns. Fossils & precious stone collections. Bowls of rocks awaiting my paint pens.

The Words we Don’t Say

When you start to crack open, don’t waste a moment gathering your Old Self up into something like you knew before.Let your New Self S P L A S H like S u n l i g h t into every dark place & laugh & cry & make sounds you never made & thank all that is holy for the Gift, because now you have no choice but to … Let all your LOVE spill out into the world. -Kai Skye

End (and Begin) with Gratitude

Gratitude is the golden thread that stitches all the pieces of life into something beautiful. -Sora G

It’s the final day of 2022, and I’m thinking about endings.

The ending of a year is a simple turn of a calendar page, yet the world marks this passing of time with fireworks, celebrations, year-end rituals, and New Year resolutions.

Warrior of Fierce Love

“He was a bright star that crossed many horizons and imploded; like some meteor that entered an atmosphere too rarified to sustain. May the explosive force of his light lift our eyes. May the ferocious passion of his heart illuminate and move our own.”

Bee Music

I think that I shall never see,
a sight more lovely
than a dancing bee,
especially near my red popp’y.

And listen to that cacophony
of bees singing happily,
among the branches
of my buckthorne tree…

3 Ways to Clear Your Busy Mind

What’s a busy bee to do with all the mind clutter that comes from everyday living? It can be as simple as this…

The Hunt for Meaning

The original meaning behind our special holy days can get lost in the clutter of commercialization & life’s daily busyness. How we choose to celebrate, or not, is what gives meaning to any given day.

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