Sora Garrett

"It's time to stop searching ... and simply START shining"

I share more of my story of being a highly sensitive & creative humanitarian HERE

Do you ever wonder what you could be doing to create a better world…without exhausting yourself in the process?

Would you love to have more time in your calendar, more meaning in your life…less clutter in your closets?

As a highly creative, sensitive (& organized) person, I’ve cultivated a life of spacious, joyful and generous flow.

Let me help you create more joyful flow in your life, too.

Simple?  Not always, but as we live with our hearts wide open, our days free of excess clutter, something magical happens.

We begin to SHINE as a solution for whatever is in front of us.

Join me in celebrating what’s Good in the world, while I show you some simple ways to create Impact with your life.



Books, E-Books and Courses that will remind you how brilliant you already are, while inspiring you to shine even more of yourself into the world.




Personal or Group guidance for living a more spacious, joyful, and generously-flowing life.

…or mentor yourself with one of my inspirational self-guided e-courses!

Ignite Your Inner Star: a self-guided, creativity-igniting, design-your-own-way life igniting system that will help you find your unique brilliance…and keep it shining.

Joyful Simplicity: a joy-spa to nourish your inner simple while helping you organize your outer chaos.




Free reminders of what is Good in the world.  Simple whispers from my heart. Let them open yours. 

The Simply Shine BLOG and monthly muse-letter offer poetic & practical support for creating a more spacious, generous, joyful life.

Joyful Simplicity Club will give you ideas, resources, and group support to create a life with less stuff & stress, more joy & meaning.

 Create a miracle with me…

This is a philanthropy playground where 33% of everything I receive
through my programs goes to support grassroots change.

This is how we become a miracle for our world.
One small act of generosity at a time.

 Find my list of current projects HERE

Thank you for BEING (and being here).
I look forward to connecting!

Finding your essential spark.

Have you lost your spark of inspiration? The world needs our light more than ever, but it can be overwhelming and confusing to find joy and passion in the midst of so much world trauma.

Reveal the Treasure

There is a treasure in you…a deep quiet that surrounds
all the shiny objects stored in the crevices of your life.

Here, in this still center is where the adventure begins
…revealing the diamond that is the essence of You.

A new (spacious) normal

One thing is certain. Things are not as they were. Normal is taking on a new definition, and life is moving in ways we barely recognize. Fear can still be felt in the air, but also hope and the blossoming of the earth. Here, in this new normal, we are given a choice....

An Antidote for Fear

I've been a bit silent on the corona conversation, watching and integrating, sifting through facts and opinions, sharing some of the more meaningful perspectives while I continue to cultivate what I want to say. Honestly, it seems like most everything has been said,...

Meet. Play. Be Love.

When Happy People Get Depressed, Part 3 Another inner-conversation from last month’s dip into depression...& an antidote for just about everything! When Elizabeth Gilbert went on her epic journey to three countries to rediscover her passion, she began from a place...

Welcome, Depression

When Happy People Get Depressed, Part Two This being human is a guest house.Every morning a new arrival. A joy, a depression, a meanness,some momentary awareness comesas an unexpected visitor. Welcome and entertain them all!Even if they are a crowd of sorrows,who...

Don’t Give Up

When Happy People Get Depressed, Part One I woke this morning to a wet pillow, an ache in my chest, and tears falling silently from eyes not yet opened to the new day. My first thought is: Ahhhh. What a relief! For awhile, I just lay there, allowing the emotions to...

Your Love Matters

“The page awaits, pretending to be blank.” It’s the beginning of a new month, and I’m sitting with a blank page and so many ideas that my brain has gone into overload. The ideas are circling and layering on top of one another so fast that I’m losing any thread of...

The Inner Joy of Tidying Up

I’m sitting in the middle of a clutter-clearing project with everything I own piled in a room waiting for me to decide what to keep and what to let go. Have you ever been in the middle of one of those clutter messes? Marie Kondo might invite me to go through the pile,...

Set a New Year Evolution.

Every New Year brings a dialogue about why resolutions don't really work, and many (including me) prefer to simply choose a single word or short phrase, a mantra, to inspire us forward. I call these 'NY Evolutions' because I allow them to change as I grow. I also use...

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