What's Your Style?

A survey of your organizing tendencies

Summary of Styles

Remember, this is just a quiz and you really have a style that is purely your own. So why would you want to compare your home to someone else’s idea of what’s organized…and what’s not? I created this survey as a playful reminder to take the Art of Simple lightly & to focus on what matters most in your own life, which will always look different than your neighbors.

And…you’re probably not going to change your roomie into a cloned version of yourself, so find a compromise and then go explore how you might learn from one another while accepting the brilliance of every style.

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Zen Home Organizer

The Zen organizing style is highly efficient, very aware of spaces and the energy of objects & environments, appreciating clean lines, neatly folded clothes, and minimal clutter in drawers.

To others, this style may appear to include a touch of OCD…and the Zen person may, indeed, have a tendency to compulsively order her/his spaces. But this sense of order is a joy and you can feel that simple happiness in the spaciousness of the Zen Home.

If this is you…but your calendar is still overly crowded, or changing the world is messing with your sense of balance, come to The Shine Salon private Facebook Group to find others committed to living with less stuff & stress, more joy & meaning…while joining together to create impact.

Earth Home Organizer

The Earth organizer can be a bit “Clutter Blind” with the ability to walk into a room without noticing anything but how the trees look through the windows. On any given day, this style would highly prefer being outside working in the garden or bird-watching rather than organizing closets.

If you’re more likely to place a plant on top of a pile rather than spend the time to clear the clutter, this may be your natural style.

When you’re ready to tackle some of those piles of National Geo or get your recycle bins in order, let’s roll up our sleeves and bring some order to your life, starting with a personal complimentary Chaos Illumination Session.


Cottage Home Organizer

The Cottage Home person can live with excess stuff because they love to gather it into beautiful piles and turn it into comfort and art. While this style would love to live in the country with lace curtains and a white picket fence, they can make any space feel warm, inviting, and cozy.

When you walk into a Cottage home, you either want to curl up next to the fire with a good book, or sink into a soft chair with a nice cup of tea. Friendship and home are highly connected, so it seems natural to want to get our spaces in shape…together.

If this is you, JOIN a Simply Enough FLOWCircle. We’re waiting to wrap you in a warm & spacious hug that will overflow into all the space zones of your life.

Rainbow Home Organizer

A Rainbow Home is where highly creative people with Creative Possibility Syndrome live. They have projects everywhere, in various stages of completion, with bins of art supplies & baskets of possibility everywhere.

Rainbow organizers have a difficult time throwing things away because they see how many ways something could be used or turned into art. To others, this type of organizer may seem to have hoarding tendencies, and indeed they may. But only when it comes to collections of buttons & ribbons, art supplies & science project possibilities (oh my!)

If you’re trying to find ways to reduce, reuse, and recycle some of those piles, you might benefit from having a circle of support. Join a Simply Enough FLOWCircle and add a rainbow of new color to your life.


Working Home Organizer

This is a natural (or required) organizing style for busy, working, growing families that have so much going on that SYSTEMS must be created just to keep some level of sanity.

A highly productive environment, with a place for everything, and everything must be returned to its place. Form follows function and ease of use. The labels & systems are used for teaching each person to be responsible for their own stuff so the adult (or other grownup) isn’t always picking up after everyone else.

If you’re one of the leaders of a working home, you probably need a break from ordering everyone else. Wouldn’t it be lovely to have a weekly conversation about what matters, so you can let go of what doesn’t?

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The Eclectic Organizer

Every quiz needs a catchall category, so if you landed here, you are a style all your own.

Perhaps you’re a Tiny-Home Dweller, a Nomad, an Adventurer, or someone who is more focused on Healing people & the planet than even considering your physical spaces. 

Whatever your style, if the quiz landed you in this category, simply see if any of the other styles connect with you or someone who shares your space.

Then check out my offerings in the Shine Shop to see if any of them might support you to live a more spacious, flowing life…no matter what your spaces look like!

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