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Radiant Resources to Keep you Shining

Resources to keep you shining!

I’m always on the lookout for resources & solutions to support my life, and I love to share what I find. Here are a few of my favorite health & wealth solutions, which all offer a choice to earn free products or build a #sidegig by sharing. (And what I also LOVE about these solutions? There is NO requirement for monthly autoship!)


There are good products, there are great products, and there are LiveGood products!

With a commitment to staying on the cutting edge of science and nutrition technology, these are the highest quality products of their kind available anywhere in the world.

Purchase at retail (good prices) through my referral link below, or enroll as a member (great prices) and save your membership fee with a single order.

LiveGood is a #goodhealth and #goodmoney solution.

Cell Health

Taking care of your body at a cellular level makes all the difference in how you show up to shine as a beacon for others.

My highly sensitive body has benefited from many great products over the years. Here are two of the product lines I’m currently using for vital aging support.

MoreMito: Your mitochondria are critical to your overall well-being, and if yours aren’t working optimally, other supports may not be helping as much as they should. Restore yours with this product.

Cerule: Science-backed support for stem cells, inflammation, and blood flow. My body loves these products!


Green energy solutions for your home and the world … including solar charging stations and a product that pulls water from the air and converts energy in the process! 

I’m fascinated by some of the technologies being shared and excited to help plant some of these solutions around the world.

More info coming soon!


Your financial assets want to SHINE too! 

You’ve probably heard that having physical silver and gold is a GOOD strategy for long-term wealth and asset preservation.

This organization offers an opportunity to buy at low prices, while a portion of every sale goes to Feed Our Starving Children.

Buy as much or little as you like. The monthly plan will ensure you don’t forget, but it’s not required.

Check out the prices, and join the wealth accelerator program for optimal value. 

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