A bit about me

& why I'm delighted to be here with you...

Celebrating my ongoing journey as a highly creative & purposeful humanitarian who used to be an accountant & business planner for a fortune 500 company. Wow. Miracles DO happen!

Let’s Be Partners in Shine!

My passion & delight is offering solutions for spiritual create-preneurs to SHINE as beacons for the world.

As we clear our clutter & connect with the essential in our own lives, we can beam more clarity of love, peace, compassion & joyful purpose into the world around us.

When we join together, we shine ever brighter.

You have everything  you need inside of you, and WE need your brilliance more than ever. So, let’s clear some of the distractions and see what treasures are waiting beneath the layers of your life.

Here’s how I can help…


Tell me what you love…I will help you become more of who you are.

Together we will imagine your most miraculous life…then I will give you ideas-connections-resources to help you create it, including ways to simplify and add more ease, spaciousness, and FLOW to your days.


I’ve called myself a lot of things over the years, but this one stays true. I see the GOOD in people, and in the world, and I shine light on what I see by writing about it. This is my passion, and I do it naturally.

How does this impact you?

As I remind you to slow down, savor the beautiful, and celebrate the simple, everyday wonders of life…you will remember what is most essential in yours.

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Come on an Adventure…

into a simpler way, a more heart-inspired life, where miracles flow.

From overwhelm to overflow…

I know it’s easy to be in overwhelm and lose some of our natural shine in this fast-paced world. As a highly creative & sensitive (HSP) person, I’ve had lots of practice finding the right balance. Which is part of the reason I love reminding you (and me) to slow down and pay attention to the everyday wonders of life.

I didn’t always know I was an HSP, but when I discovered that part of myself, life became a lot more…well, not easy, but at least more enduring. I learned ways to protect and adapt to the overload from too much audio & visual stimulation. I finally understood why I had learned to hide my natural sensitivity as I grew up. From the time I was a baby, crying when too-loud noises entered the sanctuary of my crib, to now…it’s been a journey of learning to allow my sensitivity to be a gift and a compass rather than something that made me feel somehow inadequate.

So here’s where I am now.

I believe we are a true Gift for others when we simply show up in our full magnificence, which is not about becoming anything different than we already are. So I’m here to remind you to simply BE your shining self, to inspire you to keep glowing through all the natural ups & downs of life…and to give you practical tips to simplify your life and then to align it with your natural creative flow.

I also believe a S-H-I-F-T (another word for miracle) is needed. It’s easy to become burnt out from over-giving or giving to the wrong things. It’s time to celebrate our mutual brilliance and put our collective S-H-I-N-E to use in a joyful, simple way.

We’re here to be beacons for the world around us. When we join together, bringing our collective gifts & passions into use toward real-world problems, miracles flow.

So let’s plant some seeds of positivity, belief, and joyful-generous living … and open to receiving a few miracles too!

It’s time to change the world with our LOVE,
~Shining Sor’a

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