Choose your Course

Every new journey begins with a SIMPLE step.

Find Your Simple

…with this 21-day online journey that will gently guide you, one space at a time, to energize your life as you open space in your mind, home, and calendar.

Choose YOUR perfect level of spaciousness, one day at a time, with the support of your mentor-guides and other women who will celebrate your success as you release & renew your spaces.


Living in Flow

Come on a journey of freedom & flow within an intimate mentor-mind group with others ready to live with less stuff & stress, more joy & meaning.

Using the Simply Enough book as a focusing template, you will activate your intentions for living a more spacious life, connected with what truly matters.

With focusing guidance, intentional practice, and a simple support system, you will touch into the pure essence of brilliant YOU so you can shine ever brighter.


Ignite Your Inner Star

More than a book, this is a self-guided, life-igniting, program for creating a life of clarity of purpose and alignment with your most vivid vision of being.

The full program comes with Discovery Guide, Joybook, Creative Companion, and audio meditations for connecting with all the rays of your Inner Star, giving you a simple model of wholeness that will keep you shining.

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