where ocean meets heart

Stuck in the flotsam of the ocean,
the foaming-churning surface appearing
to hold what it wants to hold.

The invitation is here, always,
to dive deeper, beneath the pollution
that is the crux of everyday living.

We must choose to go to the depths
where treasure lies.

It takes disciple-like commitment to live in the deeper-higher-wider frequency
where waves are merged, no longer crashing through the debris.

Here, it is spacious and thick with a different kind of noise
that cannot be heard until you give up trying to hear…

until you let go of needing to speak
and simply invite the holy to move through you.

Then it’s nothing like what you had planned,
or what you might have intended to say
as you open your mouth or put your fingers to the keys.

The golden glow on the horizon is where you thought you were going,
but instead, you move up to the sky and look with bird eyes
onto the whole ocean of humanity

seeing the light that wraps around the earth’s turmoil,
beckoning it to drown and return to the One.

So you do the only thing you can…you let your eyes weep for what you see,
then invite your heart to walk the plank, jump once more into the deep waters.

You turn your mind toward Love and vow to show up
with as much emptiness as you possibly can
as you emerge into another day of living,

offering yourself as Soul-ution
for whatever is yours to give.

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