Wear your heart like it wears you – the way the forest wears the wind as it unleashes its spirit to the sky. –Yoram Weis

This quote caught my eye as I was preparing to write my monthly message, which I’m posting after Valentine’s Day … because who needs a single day to celebrate when there are SO MANY WAYS to sprinkle LOVE around the world?

Because you are here, I know your heart is more open than not, and that you are opening to an even more spacious kind of living.

But what does it mean to wear our hearts wide open, to unleash our spirits to the sky?

Perhaps it is simply an invitation to embrace life fully, to be amazed by the invisible threads of spirit that weave through all things … and to keep loving the world, no matter what.

I recently asked a group of women, “if you had to give up everything, what would be the last to leave?” Without hesitation, each woman said she would hold onto her relationships. We hold tight to LOVE.

Love is always here. It never leaves.

But even LOVE is not meant to be kept for ourselves. It only grows when it’s given away.

So let’s imagine we are sitting in a Field of Love, hearts wide open, releasing all biases, judgments, opinions and other ego-clutter.

♡ When we wear our hearts wide, there is plenty of space, but no room for the denser emotions.

♡ When we wear our hearts wide, we create deeper connections with a world that desperately needs our love.

♡ When we wear our hearts wide, True Love finds us in miraculous ways. It unleashes who we are meant to be, vast in spirit and unlimited in possibility.

Is there anything you are holding onto that is keeping your heart from unleashing its spirit to the sky?

Wear your heart wide open…
Celebrate Love, Every Day.

P.S. How are you sprinkling love to the people in your world…the ones you hold dear, those you meet in passing at the grocery store, and even those who may have hurt your heart along the way?

Perhaps you might write a love note to one of those someones who has helped you wear your heart even wider …

I still cherish the sending of handwritten notes. Thank you Elizabeth H. Cottrell of HeartSpoken for continuing to encourage this somewhat lost art!

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