Happy Celebrate Mothers Day!

Today is a good day
to say: Thank You, Mom.

You gave me life, and more.
You protected me
when I was small, giving roots &
nourishment for growing wings.

I didn’t fully appreciate the miracle
until I became a mother too.

Now I see the sacrifices you made,
the blessings you gave
that live on in who I am becoming.

From birth through a lifetime,
the seed of your mothering continues.

And gratitude grows.


If you are a mother yourself, I celebrate you and honor your journey. I know it has not been simple. Being a mom is a highly complex, multi-layered, intricate dance of hanging on tight then learning to slowly let go…while still holding a lifetime of love.

If you’re not a mother, you have one. And this, too, is not a simple thing.

The mother-child relationship is so full of contrasting emotions. And whether yours are mostly of love and happiness, or something even more complex, I encourage you to dig deep this Mother’s Day to find the true blessing your mom gave to you.

When you find it, you’ll know.

It’s the treasure beneath all those layers of memory, the true essence of who you are.

So whether you’re being celebrated, or celebrating another this weekend, give thanks for mothers everywhere. They give so much more than we can ever know.

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