How do you create a beautiful life? One simple moment at a time. This personal credo poem was inspired by an activity shared by author Amanda Turner during a fundraising event for the Star Community Library. I decided to share it as part of my 67th birthday celebration this year. Sixty seven years of creating a beautiful life…

A Credo Poem, by Sora G

Live simply. Laugh often.
Let LOVE lead.

Savor your moments.

Be kind. Be generous. Be curious.
Be full of wonder.

Listen more than you speak.

Worry less. Trust more.
Judge less. Admire more.

Dance even when someone is watching.

Dream impossible dreams.
Explore. Go where there is no path.

Surprise yourself.

Let go of everything you don’t need.
Keep only what brings you joy.

Smile more than you frown.

Walk barefoot on the earth. Tread lightly.
Plant your roots in heaven.

Be occupied by Love.

Be less busy. Be more engaged.
Be aware of your impact.

Become a solution.

Choose friends who help you bloom.
Cultivate connection.

Create a beautiful life.
(One moment at a time.)
♡ ♡ ♡

Note: The word credo is Latin for “I believe.” A personal credo is a statement of your core beliefs, or guiding principles, and your intentions for integrating them into your everyday life. Read more about how to create one for yourself here.

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