I’m quite sure that none of her friends would call Lynda a perfect angel, though most of us knew that she did, indeed, have wings. Glittery, transparent, playful, irreverent, spacious wings of love & friendship that glowed brightest when she laughed.

Those wings were most apparent when she was hosting fairy parties & other mystical gatherings, loving up her grand boys, and creating the variety of unique art forms that graced her home, flowing through her like a river of light.

Lynda was a true artist of her spaces, bringing the invisible into form with both whimsy and natural beauty. I was in awe of the exquisite light that decked her home, whatever the season.

So much of what we bring to this life is invisible. Lynda was a master of weaving energy in ways that made the invisible more believable. She was able to hold multiple dimensions in ways that helped corporate executives, as well as metaphysical friends, embrace possibility and expand their lives.

She had a way of challenging us that made it easy to get mad at her. We had several disagreements over the years, because that’s what happens with close friends who are willing to be Real with one another. Her stubbornness could be infuriating, but it’s also what gave her the resolve to create such intricate expressions of beauty & spirit.

Lynda had more perseverance and drive to create than anyone I know…except perhaps her daughter, one of her most beautiful creations. (She was such a proud mama.)

♡ ♡ ♡

We never truly lose someone, and I can feel Lynda insisting that she is still here, woven into the fabric of existence, not only through our memories, but within the intricate dance of spirit that sprinkles magic around us, every day.

She’s here in the glitter of new fallen snow, the twinkling lights that brighten dark winter nights, the laughter of friends, the sparkle of mischief in our eyes when we think of how she loved to disrupt the status quo.

Her magic lingers in every exquisite piece of art she created, every mystical orb of light in a photo, in the taste of tiramisu & homemade sourdough bread. It remains through the beautiful organ-art she so lovingly created, each named with the essence it carried.

I turn my head to see the last one she gave me after I admired it sitting on her entry table…a beautifully preserved wishing flower that reminds me how something so delicate can also be strong.

♡ ♡ ♡

If I could wave one of Lynda’s magic-art wands to keep her here, I would, but this is not the way magic works. It simply opens our hearts to the extraordinary, inviting us to believe in the miraculous & to see with eyes of wonder. Magic exists so we will never stop believing.

The magic of Lynda is a beacon light she still holds for any who will remember: a legacy of love & beauty & joyous expression that endures. I will remember, my dear sister-friend.

Your magic lives on.

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