learning to shine

I hold you in my heart. I carry you in my heart.

The Mother in me wants to wrap you in arms,
as I see you sitting there so very still,
with sadness all around.

But I stay over here, giving you room to breathe,
loving you across the space, because it’s all I can do for now.

God is Here, a surround-sound of such peace
that there is really nothing else to say.

As if there could ever be enough words
to bridge the gap between what was…and what IS.

So I sit with you, heart wrapping more than arms
…letting the tears wash away the pain that falls from your heart onto the fabric of our world.

Do not worry for me, or for the broken world we live in.

Only ask, and we will heal together, this fractured piece
of our collective heart, this beautiful world.

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