They say a body is over 90% water.

I only know how thirsty I get
after even an hour without a drink of it.

When I imagine a day
without its life-giving essence,
it doesn’t take much to leave me
parched & thirsting for its sustenance.

They say water is life.

I only know how it fills both body & soul,
quenching, nourishing every part of me.

So, when I imagine a day without water,
a day without clean water…
I can’t help imagining the millions of people who live without it, every day.

What does water say to you?

Let it fill you, nourish you, overflow
into the crevices that shape the
container that is you. Welcome it.

Now imagine a world where everyone
has clean water to drink. May it be so.

TAKE ACTION: Join me and The Waterbearers as we imagine & create a world where everyone has access to clean water. Help grow our clean water ripple HERE

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