A Joy Flood

What happened to the quiet ripple
of one small act of kindness…
or the silent breath of awe
kept to oneself, not shared
on social media, caught on camera
or completely missed
because you were gazing through
some other lens besides your heart?

Slow down. Life was never meant
to be a race to the finish.

Your miracle is waiting in the deep pool of quiet.

Linger here, in the cave of your heart. Open wide
this vast reservoir of Good that lives in you.

Find the still point. Nourish it. Invite it to grow,
and glow, and radiate into the chaos of living.

The greatest treasure is within.

If you’re feeling any kind of burn-out or resistance to the escalating energy of the world right now, take a long slow breath of being (as many of them as you need) to cherish the stillness.

The miracle begins in the still space of Being where we reunite with the always glowing spark, give it air to breathe, allow it to burn as a bright beacon to guide us in whatever we are meant to do.

Turn off the music, tune into your inner muse, and let the quiet embrace of GodLight fill you, breathe you, return you to the place of magical stillness that is always here.

Ahhhhhh. Now, the miracles can find YOU!

In Celebration of Stillness,  Sor’a

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