Life is Art

“Once there was a woman who wanted to change the world & at first, she thought it’d be easy, because if everyone could see how beautiful it’d be, it’d take about a minute…but all the people she talked to were too busy to stop & listen.

So, she went off & did beautiful things all on her own & pretty soon people were stopping & asking if they could come along & do that, too … & that’s how she figured out how worlds change.”  Beautiful Things by Brian Andreas/Flying Edna


Brian Andreas has a way of capturing the essence of life in a whimsical way that also causes us to reflect more deeply on our own lives. When I read his ‘Beautiful Things’ story today, it reminded me that world-changing can happen in the simplest of ways.

When we open our hearts to life, following its beauty and doing what we love… perhaps inspiring others to come along and do that too…we are changing more than we might even know.

When we allow our lives to be more FULL of beauty and spaciousness, more EMPTY of obligations and striving to make change happen, more EMPTY of need for accomplishment and success, perhaps this is where the real world-changing will happen.

What if this is really all life is meant to be?

Our world is changing, speeding up and growing more complex, becoming both more connected and disconnected at the same time. Perhaps we are being called to slow down, simplify, clear our excess so that we can return to what is more meaningful…and more beautiful.

I changed the sub-title of my Enough book to Clear Your Clutter, Change the World because I believe this is the heart of the simplicity conversation. We are being guided to get rid of what is less important in our lives so that we can tune into the more.

More meaning. More connection. More contribution. As we each find these in our own lives, the world changing will be inevitable.

Help the world change, one beautiful thing at a time.  ~Shining Sor’a

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