It’s the little things
that melt my heart the most—

an unexpected gift, baby laughter,
a well-timed glance outside
to see the sun casting
glittering diamonds
upon my favorite tree,

the sound of your smile
as it whispers my name
across a crowded room.

I know you’ll understand then
when I try to speak the enormity
of this Great Fullness
that washes over me now

and all I find … is silence.

© 2011 Sora Garrett
excerpted from Silent Grace, available on Amazon


Today is a Good Day to be Grateful. It’s Thanksgiving, when we remember to #GiveThanks for everyday blessings.

Yet how often, especially during the holidays, do we make time to EMPTY into the silence so we can be more FULL of the deeper essence of something as simple as gratitude? Most of us are so busy, our minds so FULL of chatter & lists & worries that we don’t make time to empty.

But this is where the true treasure is found.

I could name a thousand things to be grateful for, and still barely touch the heart of this we call gratitude. It’s a blossoming, an overflow of more than simple appreciation for the gifts of life. More than this.

It’s being both empty and full at the same time, one spilling over into the other as mind and heart merge into One. The Great Fullness that washes through the heart as the mind at last lets go.

Silence is where I find this kind of gratitude, a deeper essence than a simple ‘thank you’ might reveal. As I make time to empty the busy chatter of mind, expectations fall away, and my heart fills with a different kind of appreciation.

The kind that is hard to find words for. The kind that takes my breath away. The kind of appreciation that overflows, turning every day into a feast.

Let your Gratitude be more than a simple thank you today. Let it empty your mind, fill your heart, and overflow for everyone you meet … even if you don’t have words.

#SimplyShine with Gratitude

Take a moment, right now, to breathe deeply. Find something that makes you glow with gratitude. Invite it to open a place in you where stillness resides. Sit here, within the enormity of that space for just a moment.

What does it feel like?

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