Hello New Day.

I greet you with a tentative smile
as the dust of yesterday
clings to my mind, clouding
perception as I attempt to rise.

Some days are overcast and stormy.

But today…
as the world outside my window
sparkles bright with freshly fallen snow,
all it takes is a single reverent bow.

Or one deep, grateful breath
to polish the surface, reveal the
bright Promise of another day of loving.

(Yes, it really can be that simple.)

Perhaps the most essential Gift
we can give during any season,
is to invite our inner light to shine
through every kind of weather.
Have you lost a bit of shine in the dust of everyday living?

Stop for a moment to take a deep breath of peace~full being with me.

You’ve probably noticed the world is not getting any calmer. But, here in the inner sanctum of the heart, there is a Wellspring of eternal light.

Take a deep drink, even if your heart is breaking over some of the less loving parts of the world. Even if your mind is still trying to make sense of the pieces it cannot begin to understand.

Allow stillness to dust off the chaos, return you to calm, and show you where to begin your special part of loving the world back to wholeness.

What is essential as we move into a holiday season where many have forgotten the holy meaning of every day?

Gratitude. Laughter. Connection.

Your Open Heart, Loving.
Your Presence, Listening.
Your Light, Shining.

Pay close attention to these essential gifts as you move through your world for the rest of this year, whatever your traditions & beliefs.

You are the Gift … keep opening. 

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