Ode to a Tree.

Rooted deep in earth,
her arms reach toward heaven.

Ancient. Wise. Life-giving.

A web of connection,
she breathes us into being.

Oh if we could be
as spacious as a tree…

purely planted,
radiantly offered,

strong but supple,
ever changing,

forever anchored…
simply free.


A huge glow of GRATITUDE to #TreeSisters for their highly successful campaign to plant a billion trees (every year) to stem the tide of climate change by reforesting and protecting our rainforests. (I found the photo through one of their shares, but unfortunately cannot find the credit. I’m using with appreciation for whomever planted this beautiful image in my heart.)

JOIN this global grassroots giving movement and make every day Earth Day. Love our earth. She’s more than just home…birth, death, and the space between. Let us be conscious of our impact on her, this beautiful womb of life.

With Love, Shining Sora

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