Sora Garrett

Author . Mentor . Philanthropist

I share more of my story of being a highly sensitive & creative humanitarian HERE

Hello & Welcome!

As a highly creative, sensitive (& organized) person, I’ve cultivated a life of simple, peaceful and generous flow.

Let me help you create a more spacious life, too.

Simple?  Not always, but as we live with our hearts wide open, our days free of excess clutter, something magical happens. We become a miracle for others.

When you’re ready to create a more spacious, meaningful, radiant life where living is a joyous celebration of giving, I am ready to help you…

Quiet your mind. Open your heart. Turn up your Light.

Then Shine as if the world needs you.  (It does.)


Books, E-Books and FREE Resources for creating your most miraculous life are waiting for you.

Simply OPEN to Receive!


Personal or Group support for living a more spacious, joyful, and generously-flowing life.


Or mentor yourself with one of my inspirational self-guided e-courses!

Ignite Your Inner Star: a self-guided, creativity-igniting, design-your-own-way life igniting system that is FUN!

Joyful Simplicity: coming soon

Simplicize: coming soon



Reminders of what is Good in the world.  Simple whispers from my heart. Let them open yours. 

The Simply Shine BLOG and monthly muse-letter include poetic & practical support for creating a more spacious life.  

The MIRACLE Playground will show you SIMPLE ways to make a difference without going into overwhelm.

The Journey2Simple FB Group offers ideas for creating lives with less stuff & stress, more joy & we support one another to stay in the field of possibility and #everydaymiracles.

Let’s create everyday miracles!

This is a philanthropy playground where half of everything I receive
through my products & programs flows into the The Miracle Playground.

This is how we become a miracle for our world.
One small act of generosity at a time.

Thank you for BEING (and being here). I look forward to meeting you!