Gratitude is the golden thread that stitches
all the pieces of life into something beautiful. -Sora G


It’s the final day of 2022, and I’m thinking about endings.

The ending of a year is a simple turn of a calendar page, yet the world marks this passing of time with fireworks, celebrations, year-end rituals, and New Year resolutions.

But time is really a continual flow of moments, a spiraling of experiences that we separate into days, months, years more for convenience than purpose.

I guess it would be difficult to claim our age in the number of miraculous moments we’ve celebrated over the course of a life.

When one year ends, another begins. When one door closes, another opens. How do we embrace both the closing & opening simultaneously?


As you move across the threshold from 2022 to 2023, I invite you to celebrate ALL the moments from this past season of your life with gratitude…the simple & complex, the good & not-so-good, the difficult & the delightful.

Be grateful for everything that brought you to this moment, the one where your eyes can still water in wonder at the beautiful tender moments of life.

Then welcome this new beginning with even more gratitude. Let your heart s’well with great fullness as you breathe in the whole of who you are becoming.

Open wide to the moments that are waiting for you. Welcome them all with a grateful, great full heart.

In the end, and at the beginning, your love is what matters.

Thank You for Being Here,


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