It may not make sense to talk about stillness and flow in the same breath, since flow means to move along in a steady stream, and stillness means to abstain from motion.

Is it even possible to move at a constant pace, or to stay perfectly still? Likely not, if you’re alive.

Eyes open and close. Breaths rise and fall. Bodies twitch and move. Minds never-stop-thinking.

Even our Souls are constantly flowing with guidance and inspiration. It shows up in simple nudges, or in loud shouts when we don’t seem to be listening. And the best way I’ve found to listen to my Soul’s Flow, is to return to stillness, as often as possible.

So this is a simple reminder to ~s l o w d o w n~ to connect with life as it keeps flowing around you.

Savor the sounds, scents, and colors of life erupting outside your windows. Linger in the warmth of a cozy home if winter is still lingering in your part of the world.

Drink a clear glass of water and fully appreciate the way it is nourishing every part of your body. Allow a deep breath of fresh air to expand your lungs and energize your mind.

Receive nourishment from these simple gifts.

Be still. Listen well. Then FLOW with great fullness of Gratitude and Love as you walk in the world.

Your Love Matters,

⭐️ Sor’a

P.S. Does clean water matter to you? There are people around the world who still lack access to this simple gift that many of us take for granted. The Waterbearers are saving lives, one community at a time. 100% of your donations go to create sustainable solutions for communities that lack access to this life-giving FLOW. I invite you to donate through my #shine4water campaign. Every drop helps!

#thankyouwater #thankyoulove

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