I think that I shall never see,
a sight more lovely than a dancing bee,
especially near my red popp’y.

And listen to that cacophony
of bees singing happily,
among the branches of my buckthorne tree…

A wee bit of BEE play found me as I started to write today. It made me smile, as does the bee music that is buzzing around in a few of my trees this spring. The weather has been rather confusing to we humans, buckets of rain followed by hot muggy days. I’m grateful for the dance of the bees while I wait for winter-spring-winter to blossom into the lazy days of summer.

I’m learning much from watching these busy beings pollinate my flowers & trees. Here are a few Lessons in BEEing that just happen to align with my Simply Enough book chapters…

  • GATHERING the nectar of life can be joyful work, so get your buzz on.
  • SORTING is easy when you know what you want to keep.
  • HOLD ON only to what is clinging to your legs (or your heart).
  • LET GO of anything that isn’t nourishing.
  • ABUNDANCE is everywhere. Just look at all these flowers!
  • FLOW through life’s storms, then fly around to share what you gather.

Then remember to PAUSE to drink in life’s nectar. Nourishment comes from making time to sit & savor the simple gifts that are always, always here. Although it doesn’t look like those busy bees take many breaks from their constant movement, they pause to drink deeply from every juicy flower.

So, let this be a simple reminder to slow down from spring’s eruption of activity, to savor what is blossoming in your life, in this moment.

Let yourself simply (& happily) beeeeee. 🐝

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