A perfect rose, captured
in one simple moment of awe.

You may see the beauty of a rose.

What I remember is this: my growing-up grandson, strolling through the rose garden, his legs now longer than mine. His sweet smile, given & received. Joy that lingers. Love that blooms.

One simple moment, exquisite
as a perfect yellow rose.


Perhaps, like me, you’ve grown tired of the news and are choosing a new kind of spaciousness that goes beyond clearing physical & mental clutter. A choice, not to turn away from the world, but to listen beneath the surface noise to what is truly needed from you at this significant time.

I wasn’t planning to take quite so much time off from writing, but life happens and I get caught in the swirl of it. Some days, my head is swirling with words to be written, but when I sit down to capture them, the swirls lose their significance so I give up trying.

Other days, I am speechless.

Speechless at the disparate state of the world…yes.
Speechless in awe of it, too.

Because through all the conversations and crises that are going on, through all the life responsibilities and personal pains that have taken my attention these past months, I still believe the world is a beautiful place.

Sometimes this beauty goes unnoticed, like when I feel the burden of processing gallons & gallons (& gallons) of grapes from our vines…

rather than receiving the juicy joy of harvesting & eating & sharing those abundant morsels (called nectar of the gods for good reason).

Or when the weight of opinions about choices & world events begins to wear on my normally optimistic mind…

and I forget to keep breathing through all the complex perspectives, remembering that COMPASSION is the best state I can live in during this divisive time.

Or when my mind obsesses that I should be doing, giving, creating something BIGGER with my life, causing my energy to become agitated & exhausted…

instead of choosing to STILL the mind chatter through gratitude, and by attending to the meaning of each small precious moment of growing a beautiful life.


Connecting with beauty, sharing what I see through words and art, is what keeps me motivated to engage more fully. When I neglect to make time to share what is filling my eyes and heart with awe, I begin to feel disconnected.


So here I am, beginning again, to write a piece of my heart to you.

Perhaps these words & images will bring a smile, a new perspective, or a way for you to connect more deeply with the simple moments of beauty & awe in your own life.

If they do, please share. Because our words, our astonishment, our love for one another during these simple moments is what gives us strength through the hard times.

Cherish Your Moments.

Live today as if every moment matters.

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