Here, in the small moments of life, is
where your true legacy finds you.

Not grown of material wealth,
possessions passed along,
monuments built or dreams fulfilled.

Your legacy is shaped
in a thousand simple moments of giving.

A smile that springs from your heart,
a song that has to be sung,
a trust given, a hand reached out…

single beads of kindness strung together
to grow a generous life.

Your legacy is not a destination,
but an everyday journey to give
what your Soul knows is yours to give.

It is written in the hearts of every life you touch.

Touch with care and compassion.
Grow a legacy of love.

What does it take to grow a legacy? Perhaps it starts with simply cultivating a beautiful life.

My in-laws were simple people, and during their recent celebration-of-life were remembered as being generous, fun-loving, adventurous, and hard-working.

My musician friends, Jon-Printer-Pat, all made great poetry and music. While their songs live on, what I hold more lasting is the way they each gave their whole heart to how they lived and played in ALL parts of their lives.

My beacon friend Julaine lives on in my fairy garden, where her love of magic and wonder are nestled in between the pansies she also adored.

The heroes we remember with each passing 9/11 are honored for the way they gave everything when devastation asked them to.

Many of the legacy leaders I am now supporting have GIANT Visions for how they would like to make an impact with their life. There are powerful stories here. Stories of women and men rising above significant life challenges to show up in ways that could make you feel insignificant in the ways you are living.

But that would be a mistake. Because YOUR legacy is your own, and in the end none of us will likely be remembered by the great feats we accomplished in the span of our short lives.

We will be remembered by how well we loved.

It’s often the simple, unplanned moments that make all the difference in leaving a lasting impression.

So whether you are going after a Big Dream, creating beautiful art, delivering clean water, growing gardens, designing a community gathering place, writing a book, feeding the homeless, loving a child, or leading a civil rights movement… remember that you are building a legacy by being fully present and real in all the simple ways you show up, day after day.

Who are you…and how will you live on through these everyday moments?

Choose with love.


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