Tamaracks & golden trees,
The fire-like glory of autumn leaves.

Purple grapes, apples red & gold,
pumpkin patches, sunflowers so bold.

Misty mornings turning brilliant blue.
Rainbows reflecting such glorious hues.

This astonishing earth; the sky above.
Autumn melts my eyes with an edible love.


Ahhhhh-tumn leaves turning are among my most startling of moments, offering a bounty of changing colors that capture my attention with eye-opening astonishment.

I appreciate this season immensely, the vivid imagery, the crisp mornings that invite me to pull on another layer, the sun-drenched afternoons that make me wish for summer to linger a little longer so I can swing in my hammock just one more day.

Autumn can also be a bit exhausting. Between allergies & harvest time, and (this year) the continuing stress of Covid, global warming, and accelerating world change…it’s easy to go into overwhelm.

In my own backyard, there’s a football-field-length fence mostly covered by grapevines, whose seasons I’ve written about several times over the years we have lived here. Harvest Your Blessings is a simple reminder of the abundant wisdom we receive from the grapes. I love to re-read those words every year as I pick, process, and share those juicy morsels.

Soooo >>> because I still often get caught up in over-doing when there is so much to actually DO, my husband and I took ourselves on a road-trip to enjoy the autumn colors this month. I captured a few simple moments from our trip in this invigorating Autumn Leaving video.

I invite you to sit with me for a few short moments of treasuring our world, because the true gift of every harvest is in the sharing. (Thank you for receiving a bit of the bounty from my heart.)

Autumn Leaving, a Simple Moments video by Sora

May your harvest be full of Good, as you savor every moment.

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