Let Your True Colors Shine

There is a treasure in you…
a deep quiet that surrounds
all the shiny objects stored
in the crevices of your life.

Here, in this still center
is where the adventure begins:
a hunt for the Diamond
that is the essence of You.

Open your heart wide in wonder;
let Stillness be your guide
when the clutter of the world
begins to crowd your joy.

Let go of everything if you need to,
just hold on tight to what you love.

Now let even that go.

When it comes back, you’ll know it’s Real.

So much of life and love is about holding on. We spend our lives attaching to things we can love: family, friends, partners, ideas, art, projects, possessions.

But what if the only reason we are attaching and creating is for the ultimate life lesson that will take us to something even greater?

What if the only way to experience this ultimate life lesson is to LET GO of everything we thought we loved, so we can open more completely to a truer love…the kind that knocks us to our knees in devotion while calling our Souls to soar.

Life is made of thousands of moments, and when we are so busy striving and chasing dreams, it’s easy to miss the essence of those moments.

Perhaps it’s time to slow down, savor the stillness, let go of what we are hanging onto so tightly and simply open our hearts wide to what is already here.

★ ★ ★

Find your treasure in the simple, still moments of your life.

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