A Gratitude Wrap

What is it about these made-up days
that creates such a whirlwind…
a holiday daze?

Black or White, buy Cyber
or get in line for the low-price fight.

Do the Gratitude Wrap-Wrap-Wrap

Turn off the excess for simple joys.
Embrace a different kind of noise.
This is what I have to say:

Gratitude is here to stay.
It’s your way, come what may. OK?

Gratitude. Every. Day.

Sometimes I feel like a broken record (maybe that’s why my opening poem came out as a rap song this month) … but I went into overwhelm this past month and for a time forgot to practice gratitude.

I decided to consciously dis-connect from the flurry of emails for Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Giving Tuesday to go into the mountains of Idaho to remember.

It’s not easy to be ‘everyday’ grateful. It takes commitment and resolve to find our way back to being thankful when life brings challenge and conflict.

We forget to say Thank You, or we say the words, but they lose meaning. Yet, still we ‘practice’ and continue to say Thank You, Life … even as our heart is breaking into a thousand pieces.

Gratitude is the golden thread that stitches all the pieces into something beautiful.

Every time I find my way back to gratitude, it’s a feast for my Soul. Perhaps this is the true Gift of our Thanksgiving holiday.

So keep passing the gratitude around, no matter how FULL (or empty) you are. It’s kind of like jello … there’s always room for more.

I Give Thanks for you,  Sor’a


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