I woke up in the wee hours feeling a bit discouraged that I wasn’t feeling a bit more…well, different. Like the Promise of 2020 was being shouted out in so many ways, and here I am feeling it’s just another day.

Then I read my daily inspiration from Flying Edna/Brian Andreas Studio and had to laugh. Did I really think I was the only one who could see that “There are no beginnings & no endings. there are only moments we pay closer attention to the different directions we go.”

Whether it’s the changing of a year, or ringing in a new decade, the real Gift of celebrating these transitions is that we stop long enough to notice which direction we are choosing to go, among all the directions that our life could take us.

Or, perhaps it’s really more about bringing all the different directions we are being pulled into a more fully aligned focus for the person we are becoming, in THIS new moment.

This is what 2020 is about for me. A chance to move, with full vision & focus, into an embrace of life as it is moving through me…about treasuring every moment by breathing it in like it’s the very first time.

With all the difficult things happening in our world, it is more important than ever for us to PAUSE, take a lot of deep breaths of AHHHH, and move at the pace of AWE as we celebrate the simple joys of every new day.

If you’re not fully on board with 2020 yet, don’t worry. The energy is still building and January is still on the threshold between old and new. I know, we try to make it the time to set all those resolutions, but it’s really just another month.

Go ahead and tap into the energy of newness, then resolve to let your life evolve as a solution to what is calling in Every. New. Moment.

Here are a few #miraclewhispers from the Simply Shine archives to remind you to breathe…

In Between
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An article from my archives on welcoming in the New: Welcome the New. Respect the Old.

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