What if your happiest life depends entirely on how many seeds of kindness you plant for others?

One thing I’ve noticed is that many people think generosity is about sharing what we already have, and that until we have “enough,” it really isn’t possible for us to be truly generous.

But if you look up the definition, you’ll see there’s something much more noble about generosity—that it’s about living into our largeness as we practice being just a bit more kind, going a bit beyond the expected, and giving a bit more than might be necessary in any situation.

If you’ve ever had an abundant garden, you’ll know that much of the joy comes through sharing the bounty with others. Seasoned gardeners always plant more seeds than they need to sustain their own pantry. A few for the birds, a few for the neighbors…the harvest is always a time of giving.

The happiest people understand this about life. For one thing, it’s pretty much impossible to keep happiness to yourself. It blossoms naturally. It’s also quite contagious, so when you start casting about seeds from your own happy heart, you are bound to cross-pollinate.

So what does it take to live a generous life? I believe it’s simpler than many people think. Here’s an excerpt from The Miracle Keys about the miracle of giving what is yours alone to give.

“When you pay attention to a few simple things, you’ll discover that it’s really not that difficult to be generous. It’s just a matter of finding what is yours to give, then making an ongoing commitment to give it with all your heart.

The first, and most important, simple thing is paying close attention to what makes you happy. It might be anything—sitting silently watching a sunset, listening to a baby’s laughter, walking by the ocean, or climbing the tallest mountain you can find. This is mostly about nourishing yourself with positive thoughts, which will open your cells so they can receive even more happiness. (Do this often, at least once every day.)

The next simple thing is to consider what you love to do that makes others happy. This is the part that’s easy to forget in our mostly me-centered world, and it’s the secret to finding lasting happiness. (You’ll believe me after you’ve tried it for a while.)

Even noticing what you love that brings happiness is a good start, though you might also make a list to see if there are any common themes. Then you can follow those to create a life you love that is filled with what makes you and everyone happy. (It’s a wonder this is still a secret.)

And this brings us to the last simple thing—keep waking up and loving the completely unique story you are creating with your life by doing whatever you can to stay OPEN to the unfolding mystery. This opening is the invitation for miracles to flow, and the key to a generously happy life.

What does it take to cultivate a generously happy life?

Your answer will be different from mine (or anyone else’s), but once you find your “happy,” the important thing is to “give more of it than expected” away.”

-excerpted from The Miracle Keys (chapter: Generosity, the Master Key)

I invite you to tap into what’s inside that big bright heart of yours, and SHINE it even more generously into the world this coming year. BE the Light your wish to SEE in the world.

Keep shining!  Sor’a
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