Every day, a thousand things to be thankful for,
yet I barely touch the heart of this we call gratitude.

It’s more than simple appreciation for the ongoing gifts of life.
So much more.

It is a deep letting go: standing bare, arms raised to God,
giving all you are holding in one blissful moment of complete surrender.

Empty and full, mind letting go
of past & future to embrace the Gift of the present.

A grateful heart, opening to Love,
full of Light.

It’s that time of year when inboxes overflow with reminders of upcoming sales, holiday preparations, requests for donations, and all kinds of busyness.

So I’m going to keep this simple.

Like that tree above, branches empty, rising from a ground of gold. She gave all of her leaves in one glorious release that took less than 5 minutes, while I watched in awe that exquisite display of letting go.

I invite you to let go of every ‘have to’ this season, as you stay grounded in gratitude by attuning to what feels most essential.

There’s nothing you have to do or buy.
The gift is your Presence.

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