A preview from my new book, What is Enough? This passage flowed through after a session with my writing mentor, Stacy Nelson. She is amazing at helping me go beneath the surface to find a deeper message. I decided to share here for a couple reasons. One, because it feels like a good time to share. Two, because the book is taking longer to write. Three, because I didn’t want to wait. 

heart breaking OPEN

At the center of my journey to ‘enough’ lies a breaking heart. It is not my own. It’s the heart of the world, a breaking that my deep sensitive nature has felt from the time I was young.

I feel the broken-ness of the world, of a humanity that is often focusing on the wrong things, I feel the pain of holding a vision of equality that is not being actualized.

I’ve been called a pollyanna, an idealist, overly optimistic. I am all these things.

But, more, I am someone who sees what the world can be, then patiently drops seeds and petals of truth to show you a different way. A way where we can all have enough, and be enough, if we will simply let go of our limited ways of being and open to a more vast way of loving one another, of loving our world.

I may not always show my inner fire, but it’s here, simmering beneath the poetry I share, asking you to wake up to a different way of being that is cast in a web of unity where we are all responsible for our one world.

What I’m really asking is for you to behave as if the world needs what you alone have to give…that something that may have gotten lost in the clutter of the less relevant parts of your life.

It may seem I am giving you beauty and simple words. Go beneath the surface into the essence, and you will find the more. Look for the treasure that is waiting when you turn off the noise of the ego and dive deep into the heart of humanity.

Because humanity needs you. It needs all of us to come together, for one vital and potent moment, to change the trajectory into one where everyone wins.

I’m asking you to let down your guard, to open to the resource that is IN you, that you may not even know is there. I’m asking you to rise above the mundane levels of your life, to step into the messiness that looks like it belongs to someone else.

It belongs to all of us.

The hungry children are not yours, but they are. They are a part of the one heart of humanity, and we cannot ignore the fact of that heartbreak. We have enough food, so let’s figure out how to share it.

The polluted waters are not in your backyard, but they may be one day. We are all impacted by the changing climate and an earth that has had more than enough of our abuse of it.

Nor are any of the other world problems yours, but they are OURS. And the only way we can survive them is by focusing on the solutions. We have way too many petty problems taking our attention and our time. Imagine what we could do with one fraction of the brain power that gets used to create war games.

Peace and prosperity are within our reach.

But the only way to get there is to go through the messy process of letting go of our excess stuff so we can deliver the gifts we have inside of us to the world.

Let go of whatever is distracting you from the essential gift that is IN you.

It’s time to share.

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