The introduction to my new book by this name…

in the beginning

We begin with nothing.
And, in that nothing, we are enough.

We grow.
We learn to attach.
We separate from enough.

The layers accumulate:
emotional: was I loved enough?
physical: do I have enough?
spiritual: am I enough?

We acquire. We learn to want.
We believe there is security in having.

We cover the essence
with more.

We yearn to be seen, to be full
so we gather even more.

We strive to be successful
so we reach higher, for still more.

More. More. More.


Until one day
it’s time to begin again.

To begin to look
through a different lens…

To begin to see
with uncluttered eyes…

To begin to feel
with a wide-open heart…

Into the space
where everything flows.

No possession. No attachment.
Empty and Full.

All One.

More than Enough.

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