Let me tell ya ’bout the birds & the bees,
and the flowers & the treesand the moon up above
…and a thing called Love.”

I captured this bumblebee in a moment of stillness last weekend, and since the birds & bees song is now playing through my mind, I thought I’d share so it can get stuck in your mind too! <grin>

Isn’t that better than some of the other options? Minds can get stuck on a lot of unproductive channels these days.

Mine has been getting stuck on some worldly problems, so I’ve been returning to a few of my simple go-to practices for clearing mind clutter.

These are called practices for a reason. It takes a lot of practice to get them to stick, unlike the pollen that easily clings to those busy bee’s legs. 🐝

So please join me in practicing these 3 simple things that will clear your mind space so it can remain open to more productive cross-pollination(s).

A simple letting go breath. Allow your breath to oxygenate your brain as you breathe deeply, in through your nose, out through your mouth. Feel those brain cells opening to receive as you breathe from head to toe, into your belly, circulating through all your cells. Inhale. Exhale. Repeat. (Often.)

A simple re-focusing. Notice something beautiful. Invite your eyes to see every detail, as your mind rests in the beauty. Focus your attention there, for as long as it takes. (Change your environment by going outside or into a different room. Stand on your head if you need an entirely new perspective 😉

A simple ACT of generosity. What can you give that might bring a smile to someone, or to yourself? Giving to others…even thinking of what you might do to improve another life…will shift your mind into creative flow. A simple ACT of giving moves more than a stuck mind.

BONUS Practice: Stillness in Motion. This is advanced training from the birds & bees, flowers & trees. It’s how this thing called (True) LOVE actually works: by infusing our mind with such peaceful presence that it stays in a place of empty-fullness, ready for the complexities of daily living.

Let go of your over-busy-ness so you can BEE more present to the simple moments that are pollinating your life.

With Love, from my heart to yours… Shining Sor’a

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