It’s not easy to be happy when so many people are facing difficult times. Sometimes it’s even difficult to admit to being happily thriving when you know others are barely surviving.

But one thing the world needs right now is for us to hold a Frequency of Love, which partly means being willing to share our happiness, even in the midst of sadness, despair, anger, worry, fear.

I’ve experienced many of those other emotions this year, and I can honestly say that I am also feeling a deeper happiness than ever before.

How can this be? In the midst of so much world-changing trauma, how is it possible to be happy and at peace?

For me, it springs from a deep spaciousness I’ve been cultivating, which goes way beyond clearing physical layers of clutter. The outer spaciousness has opened space inside which now permeates every part of my life.

This inner spaciousness helps me stand in the middle of chaos and still be full of peace. It holds me in a womb-like state where I can see how all the external circumstances are birthing something beyond what it may look like on the surface.

Spaciousness helps me listen more carefully, look more clearly, love more compassionately. I believe these three essential keys are needed in the world right now, and here’s why…

Listen More Carefully

I watched an interview with Alan Alda last month, and one sentence speaks volumes to me:
“Unless you are willing to be changed by what you are listening to, you are not truly listening.”

I know how easy it is to simply wait to offer my own perspective rather than being willing to fully consider something different…to consider it fully enough that I can believe it might be even more true than what I already know.

I’ve been practicing listening this way, and it has changed more than just my mind. My heart has started to hold the whole of life, in all its diversity, more compassionately than ever.

What if all conversations began from a place of curiosity and wonder at what we might learn from someone who is completely different from us (which is ultimately everyone)? How might life change, listening with such care?

Look (& See) More Clearly

dandelion with phrase "see clearly be willing to look deeply"

If you know me even a little, you’ll realize seeing clearly has little to do with opening our physical eyes. While I greatly appreciate being able to see the world’s beauty with those eyes, I can only see it when I’m actually looking. 

To be able to see another perspective also means I need to be willing to look, and to look beneath the surface, to see more deeply. It means peering inside myself to notice where my own perspective is being clouded by judgment or prejudice.

Discernment is needed. Judgment is not.

We must be willing to look at the difficult topics, not ignore them. But we will never see clearly on our own. Like the blind men describing an elephant, it takes multiple perspectives to see the whole.

How might life change, looking more deeply?

Love More Completely

dandelion with phrase "love completely be willing to trust"

It takes hard work waking up and loving the world every day. Because True Love (the non-human kind) means a lot more than never having to say you’re sorry. It means showing up continually, persistently, and with enough courage to keep moving through the obstacles, because those will always be here. It’s how we graduate through life.

Moving through life this way has less to do with thinking you’re going anywhere and more to do with being completely present.

It means keeping your perspectives aligned with a much bigger Perspective that knows we are One.

This kind of Love will open your heart and your mind, help you hear with care, see with clarity, act with compassion. Then all you need to do is trust enough to follow the flow.

How might life change, loving more completely?

Three essential keys, which are not always simple. But imagine your life if you & everyone you know were listening more carefully, seeing more clearly, loving more completely. Would you feel more connected with what matters?

What might the world’s Frequency of Love be like if more of us listened, looked, loved this way?

I invite you to experience a Simply Enough MasterFLOW Circle, where we practice these 3 essential keys while getting clear on what matters & what we want to keep in our lives.

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