Musings & Miracle Whispers

When you forget what's important, I'll remind you
of the miraculous, always present, everyday wonders of life.


Tree Light

a single snowflake is a delicate thing

unique imprint of crystalline light,
beautiful & exquisite in its separateness

alone, it falls softly with little impact
clinging together, it becomes a storm

you, too, an exquisite imprint of Light
what will you cling to?

as you fall into step
with your soul’s bright calling,

as you cling with all your heart
to where it wants you to go,

as you melt into the present moment…
the Gift: Your Radiant Glow


Simple Gifts

A tender smile, given from the heart.
Laughter bubbling up from within.

Hugs. Music. Acts of Kindness.
Sincere Gratitude. Deep Belief.

These are the things we remember
when everything else fades away.

Let your Giving be Simple this season,
and all year through.

The ultimate Gift…is You!

Even on a Journey to a more Simple life, it’s difficult to turn off the noise during this season of over-giving. I enjoy the sacred rituals, the heartful giving, the music and the magic of this time of year. I do NOT love the excess materialism or the stress, hurry, obligation that often arises.

So this is a simple reminder to pay attention to the free (and priceless) gifts that are available to all of us. I invite you to share these gifts abundantly as you commit to shining (not whining) this holiday season.

A few ideas to get you in simple giving flow … (click the gold links to receive)

A Simple Smile. Sit for 3 minutes with a gentle smile on your face. Feel it moving into all the spaces of your body & mind. Got it? Now go out & share it.

A Minute of Laughter. Give yourself a 1 min Laugh Break. Laughter is one of the best ways to simplify your mind and give your cells a deep drink of nourishing joy.

A Deep Breath of Being. Breathe in. Breathe out. Repeat. (Give this gift often.) If you need help, take a Glow Break with my Inner Star partner, Vasi.

A Moment of Peace. Watch this precious video…a 3 min Choice for Peace

A Sprinkle of Kindness. Practice saying kind words. Let Kid President help you.

A Generous Heaping of Gratitude. Do not limit yourself. The more you give, the more grateful you will be.

May you RECEIVE the deep wonder and CHERISH the limitless love of the season. For a delightful GIFT of inspiration, check out The Miracle Keys, available on Amazon through the link to the right.

Stand Still.

“Don’t be afraid of moving slowly … be afraid of standing still.” -FaceBook post

“Stand still. The forest knows where you are. You must let it find you.” -David Whyte, Lost

A Still Life

Lately, I’ve felt a little (or a lot) out of step with the flurry of activity that seems to consume so many lives.

Most of my life, I was driven to do more, motivated by a vision to contribute to a world I felt was missing something important I was intended to give. I believed I was not reaching my full potential unless I was setting stretch goals, testing my limits, filling my days with constant motion and movement toward some future person I was becoming.

It took a lot of standing still to find what I was missing.

I still move. I’m still moved to create and to give where I can with what I have. Yet I’m motivated by another force, an inner quiet, that moves me in a different way.

To be honest, I don’t have that many external goals and desires right now. I’m simply beholding the wonder of the world as it moves me into the next beautiful moment.

Sometimes I judge myself for this.
Am I doing enough? Shouldn’t I have more passion & enthusiasm?
Have I given up on humanity, or on myself? Is my thyroid out of balance again? 🙂

read more…

Hello Stillness.

Light Stream by Amy Peterson

Hello Stillness,

It seems the world has forgotten you, in the busy rush to keep up with what has become a normal, everyday life. So much to do, so little time.

I remember you, though.

I welcome your radiant presence as I sit, lingering by the fire with autumn colors flooding my eyes within this morning breath of silent grace.

You, Stillness, are the elixir of life.

I welcome your quiet essence as I sip this cup of tea, breathe its aroma, feel the warm liquid transform into a deep drink of nourishing peace.

Let me introduce you to another.

Meet the eyes of this one reading, bring a simple opening of heart, as s/he slows down to savor a moment with you…as we connect across the miles, one heart singing a small note of inspiration to one other heart.

Thank you, Stillness, for being here, always here.

Let your silent music resolve whatever noise surrounds you. Bring us back to harmony.

Stop the world from spinning, for this one round moment of time.

Welcome Stillness.


In the deep center of the

life-changing, up-your-game,
goal driven, non-stop livin’
chaos of the striving life …

there is a still voice
that only you can hear.


Tune to this deeper knowing:
the channel of your Soul.

Slow down. Welcome stillness.

It only takes a moment
to fill your inner Well of Being.

Now you can attend to
the world-changing work
you are meant to Do.


Choose Love

Path to Love, Lynda Davis

When the horror of the world
threatens to steal your joy,

There is a choice.

Get caught in the terror
of news flashing across screens,

as breath is sucked from lungs
as minds are devoured by fear
as hearts shut down in despair.

Or don’t.

You are still aware.
You still have compassion.
You will do what you can, when it’s time.

But for now, Love…only this:
Simplify. Empty. Call in the Light.

Then watch the earth still turn
as all the colors of awe
fall around you.

Get on your knees for this,
and for the other too…the sadness
that drinks joy away.

Now stand again. Step into another
Field, where there is no room for terror.
This is where you belong.


Move, gently, from this place.
Choose a different path,
the one calling from your Soul.

And, remember this,
as the colors of life change around you,
moving from light to dark, and back again.

Every day is new.
Every day you must choose again.

This is how you the world teaches you to Love.

3 Simple Things.

heart shell, by Sora

When there are no words
to calm the terror…

When there is no balm
to ease the pain…

When the hurt of the world
becomes so loud you can hear
hearts breaking…

What will you do?

Breathe out. Breathe in.
Let go. The past is done.
Be here now.

Your wide open heart, and these
3 simple things.

Breathe. Let Go. Be Present.
You, a Gift to this moment.

Perhaps not so simple.

But sometimes,
it’s all we have.

Missing You

A poem for Julaine

eclipsed by love

The missing comes in layers…
whispers of you, a glimpse of memory

when I least expect it;
a tender moment
spent wishing you were still here,
wanting your Presence
in a world that needs it more than ever.

The knowing was also in layers…
fragments of you, pieced together
through experiences shared,
moments of time
spent growing a friendship,
revealing a common essence
as we grew our separate lives.

Yet I knew the core of you
from that first moment we met:
your eyes shining with excitement,
mind full of curiosity, ready to explore
whatever was in your path,
heart opening to Love,
deep desire and willingness to learn
how to BE what you were seeking.

love’s blossom revealed

Now you know.

And the layers of knowing you
continue to peel back, begin to merge
into a new landscape of loving
as I see the whole of you,
honor the Soul of you,
fondly embrace the heart of you
which is evident in all you left behind.

Perhaps this is the ultimate Gift to life:
the Love we planted keeps growing
…even after we’re gone.

Beacon of Unlimited Possibility

How do you capture the essence of someone through the memories they leave behind?

My Beacon Friend, Julaine, was not one to be easily defined by words.

Talking Possibility

She was an adventurer at heart, a thoughtful learner by mind, yet so much more.

As an adventuress, she traveled the world to experience other cultures, and to find her own place in it. More than this, Julaine lived every day as an adventure. She dove into everything as a lifelong learner, and she gave herself completely to every new encounter with life. Even her way of eating became an adventure, as she moved from vegetarian to paleo and back to vegan over the course of the time I knew her.

Her husband, Bill, gave roots to their relationship. Julaine was the wings.

She was a friend I could always count on to say YES.

She lived her life in the positivity zone, believing in unlimited possibility, and even designing a physical space she called, The Center of Unlimited Possibilities. She left the physical space when she and Bill moved to Idaho, but carried it with her everywhere she went.

Her belief in possibility was contagious. read more…

Can Betrayal and Adversity Free You?

Rising Sun

When life throws you a curve
that interrupts your “plan”

When you receive news
that makes your stomach burn,
your mind churn,
your trust in humanity turn …

When your eyes are weeping,
your heart is breaking,
your whole life is upending

When you’re not sure how
you will ever be the same …

Get on your knees. Faith
is the only Way through.

Let your heart break Open.
Love will make it whole again.

And while you may be in the middle of a dark night,
It only takes a moment for the Son to Rise in you.

Choose to turn on the Light.

What breaks you open … might also set you free.

Ripples of Stillness


Joy Ripple

What happened to the quiet ripple
of one small act of kindness…
or the silent breath of awe
kept to oneself, not shared
on social media, caught on camera
or completely missed
because you were gazing through
some other lens besides your heart?

Slow down. Life was never meant
to be a race to the finish.

Your miracle is waiting in the deep pool of quiet.

Linger here, in the cave of your heart. Open wide
this vast reservoir of Good that lives in you.

Find the still point. Nourish it. Invite it to grow,
and glow, and radiate into the chaos of living.

The greatest treasure is within.

If you’re feeling any kind of burn-out or resistance to the escalating energy of the world right now, take a long slow breath of being (as many of them as you need) to cherish the stillness.

The miracle begins in the still space of Being where we reunite with the always glowing spark, give it air to breathe, allow it to burn as a bright beacon to guide us in whatever we are meant to do.

Turn off the music, tune into your inner muse, and let the quiet embrace of GodLight fill you, breathe you, return you to the place of magical stillness that is always here.

Ahhhhhh. Now, the miracles can find YOU!

In Celebration of Stillness,  Sor’a

Becoming exactly YOU

Cave of Becoming

They are always calling to you.

The simple nudges to slow down,
take a slightly different path
…the one that leads you deeper
into the cave of your heart.

This is where the majesty waits.
The amazement, really,
of a life lived only for the journey
of becoming exactly YOU.

Turn away from the crowded streets
where the music of the masses
covers the pure note of your Soul.

Listen carefully for your own song
…and sing it loud and clear.

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