Musings & Miracle Whispers

When you forget what’s important…I’ll remind you of the miraculous & help you connect to the always present, everyday wonders of life.

Beacon of Unlimited Possibility

How do you capture the essence of someone through the memories they leave behind?

My Beacon Friend, Julaine, was not one to be easily defined by words.

Talking Possibility

She was an adventurer at heart, a thoughtful learner by mind, yet so much more.

As an adventuress, she traveled the world to experience other cultures, and to find her own place in it. More than this, Julaine lived every day as an adventure. She dove into everything as a lifelong learner, and she gave herself completely to every new encounter with life. Even her way of eating became an adventure, as she moved from vegetarian to paleo and back to vegan over the course of the time I knew her.

Her husband, Bill, gave roots to their relationship. Julaine was the wings.

She was a friend I could always count on to say YES.

She lived her life in the positivity zone, believing in unlimited possibility, and even designing a physical space she called, The Center of Unlimited Possibilities. She left the physical space when she and Bill moved to Idaho, but carried it with her everywhere she went.

Her belief in possibility was contagious. read more…

Can Betrayal and Adversity Free You?

Rising Sun

When life throws you a curve
that interrupts your “plan”

When you receive news
that makes your stomach burn,
your mind churn,
your trust in humanity turn …

When your eyes are weeping,
your heart is breaking,
your whole life is upending

When you’re not sure how
you will ever be the same …

Get on your knees. Faith
is the only Way through.

Let your heart break Open.
Love will make it whole again.

And while you may be in the middle of a dark night,
It only takes a moment for the Son to Rise in you.

Choose to turn on the Light.

What breaks you open … might also set you free.

Ripples of Stillness


Joy Ripple

What happened to the quiet ripple
of one small act of kindness…
or the silent breath of awe
kept to oneself, not shared
on social media, caught on camera
or completely missed
because you were gazing through
some other lens besides your heart?

Slow down. Life was never meant
to be a race to the finish.

Your miracle is waiting in the deep pool of quiet.

Linger here, in the cave of your heart. Open wide
this vast reservoir of Good that lives in you.

Find the still point. Nourish it. Invite it to grow,
and glow, and radiate into the chaos of living.

The greatest treasure is within.

If you’re feeling any kind of burn-out or resistance to the escalating energy of the world right now, take a long slow breath of being (as many of them as you need) to cherish the stillness.

The miracle begins in the still space of Being where we reunite with the always glowing spark, give it air to breathe, allow it to burn as a bright beacon to guide us in whatever we are meant to do.

Turn off the music, tune into your inner muse, and let the quiet embrace of GodLight fill you, breathe you, return you to the place of magical stillness that is always here.

Ahhhhhh. Now, the miracles can find YOU!

In Celebration of Stillness,  Sor’a

Becoming exactly YOU

Cave of Becoming

They are always calling to you.

The simple nudges to slow down,
take a slightly different path
…the one that leads you deeper
into the cave of your heart.

This is where the majesty waits.
The amazement, really,
of a life lived only for the journey
of becoming exactly YOU.

Turn away from the crowded streets
where the music of the masses
covers the pure note of your Soul.

Listen carefully for your own song
…and sing it loud and clear.

Spring is here…time to plant a few miracles!

radiance by Marjory Mejia

Spring has returned.

The earth
is like a child
that knows poems.

-Rainer Maria Rilke


What seeds are you
planting this spring?

Let them fall from your heart.

Watch them grow
as you shower them
with Love-Light-Laughter.

Cultivate a garden of miracles.

-Shining Sora


Can ONE Word change a life? Can ONE Person change the world?

Sometimes it feels like all the words have been said. I mix them up and let them flow in a slightly different order, but it’s apparent the words are the same.

Yesterday, a couple of words I don’t like to hear entered my awareness.

Apathy. Complacency.

read more…

Imagine a Day without Water

They say a body is over 90% water.

I only know how thirsty I get
after even an hour without a drink of it.

When I imagine a day
without its life-giving essence,
it doesn’t take much to leave me
parched & thirsting for its sustenance.

They say water is life.

I only know how it fills both body & soul,
quenching, nourishing every part of me.

So, when I imagine a day without water,
a day without clean water…
I can’t help imagining the millions of people who live without it, every day.

What does water say to you?

Let it fill you, nourish you, overflow
into the crevices that shape the
container that is you. Welcome it.

Now imagine a world where everyone
has clean water to drink. May it be so.

TAKE ACTION: Join me and The Waterbearers as we imagine & create a world where everyone has access to clean water. Help grow our clean water ripple HERE

Irrepressible JOY … Insistent Compassion

How many ways can life open your heart?

These photos of two precious children are quite different, yet each has a way of touching our hearts.

The first, a pure moment of iridescent JOY beamed through one of life’s simplest of pleasures…bubbles! I asked to share this photo of a friend’s daughter because it reminds me of the unbridled glee of innocent joy bubbling from within.

Perhaps it will bring a few bubbles of happiness to your heart, too.


The second, a favorite photo from last year’s trip with The Waterbearers. This little girl represents a different kind of heart opening for me…compassion for the children of our world who are living without a most basic human need. Clean water.

Two photos…two children…two heart-opening reactions.

Which is more important, to feel our hearts spring open through simple moments of joy, or to allow our hearts to break open by seeing through eyes of compassion into the pain of the world?

I imagine you, like me, are willing to feel both. There’s really no other way to live as heart-centered humanitarians, which at one level means we who are willing to be opened by life and to give what is ours to give.

Let your JOY open you. Find happiness in simple moments that come more often the more you notice them. These moments are fuel to keep you glowing through the less joyful times.

Then let life break you open. Find something that hurts. Be willing to weep for something in our world that isn’t right. Your love, your attention is needed here, too.

Find Purpose in both: Simple, unbridled moments of joy. Complex, heart-bursting moments of compassion.

Be insistent and persistent in your pursuit of both. These are the seeds which will grow your most generous and abundantly happy life.

What’s New, Snowflake?

A New Year’s Miracle Whisper …

Frost Light


They fall from the sky
unique, exquisite miracles
of crystalline light.
They cling together
turn branches to works of art
create snowball fights
blanket the earth
in smiles of white.
So powerful in their softness,
these delicate fractals of ice.
They stop traffic,
make grownups grumble,
interrupt power & schedules,
cause cars to slip-slide-stall.

But oh the unimaginable joy
& indescribable beauty
of simply…
to watch a snowflake fall.

Be Still. Find your Treasure within.

Ripple of Joy

What happened to the quiet ripple
of one small act of kindness…
or the silent breath of awe
kept to oneself, not shared
on social media, caught on camera
or completely missed
because you were gazing through
some other lens besides your heart?


Slow down. Life was never meant
to be a race to the finish.
Your miracle is waiting
in the deep pool of quiet.

Linger here, in the cave
of your heart. Open wide
this vast reservoir of Good
that lives in you.

The biggest treasure hunt
always starts within.

Three Essential Gifts

Frost Light

Hello New Day.

I greet you with a tentative smile
as the dust of yesterday
clings to my mind, clouding
perception as I attempt to rise.

Some days are overcast and stormy.

But today…
as the world outside my window
sparkles bright with freshly fallen snow,
all it takes is a single reverent bow.

Or one deep, grateful breath
to polish the surface, reveal the
bright Promise of another day of loving.

(Yes, it really can be that simple.)

Perhaps the most essential Gift
we can give during any season,
is to invite our inner light to shine
through every kind of weather.
read more…


Quiet Prayer

In the aftershock of a quake
that broke the heart of a country…
where will you turn when your ground
is still shaking and you can find
no solid footing to stand upon?

Stand still.

Let your heart quake open
beyond what it has ever
known before.

Let all thoughts turn back
toward the One…this
is where your boat
will find its New Shore.

Step out onto an entirely
different land…walk into
the Core where fire
consumes everything
within the astonishing vastness
where no horizon can be found.

Here we cast all our Votes
for God, for Love, for Unity
and justice for All.

Cast all your votes for LOVE

Bridge to Light

Bridge to Love

Love can build a bridge
between your heart and mine.

Love can build a bridge.
Don’t you think it’s time?
Don’t you think it’s time?
-The Judds

It’s time to stop believing in right/wrong,
good/bad, us/them, and every other
earthly form of separation.

Perhaps you have lost faith in humanity,
but that’s not where faith is meant to be.


Wherever you have built a dam(n)
is where you have forgotten to Love.

Let your heart break, then get back
to the business of loving the world.

It’s time to BE a bridge for God’s Love
and to dwell in the Ocean of Together.

Let’s cast ALL our votes for Love.

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