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Find Your Center

The Center

At the Center of the world,
there is a meeting of zeros.

All directions meet here:

All paths converge
to a single point named, Here.

What if this is exactly where
you are meant to be?

The zero point. Where all begins.

Your feet, grounded in this moment.
Your arms, reaching to the sky.

The sustenance of life is not
to be found outside of you.

It lives inside this single moment
that says, here too.

Everything is here.
Everything is here.

Live for this moment. Kneel before it.
Find nourishment in what is given.

Take it all in.
Bring it into the Center of You.

This is where you are meant to be.

What is Enough?

The introduction to my new book by this name…

in the beginning

We begin with nothing.
And, in that nothing, we are enough.

We grow.
We learn to attach.
We separate from enough.

The layers accumulate:
emotional: was I loved enough?
physical: do I have enough?
spiritual: am I enough?

We acquire. We learn to want.
We believe there is security in having.

We cover the essence
with more.

read more…

A Mothering Miracle

(Reprint from May 2015) A miracle can be simply a sudden shift in perception that causes us to say WOW—an opening of eyes to a new way of seeing or being. This experience caused me to shift my attention (and my activity) for long enough that it got me thinking differently about a few important things. Mothering for one.

I nearly missed this miracle

There they were: snuggled in a corner
right next to my garage door.
I could have easily walked right by,
missed the miracle of their soft presence.

At first, I simply watched, giving space &
knowing mama duck would be back soon.

She didn’t come, so I did what any
good mother would do…dropped all my plans,
gave them a bit of nourishment

and O P E N E D to the rest of the miracle.


My heart is still a bit tender for those darling ducklings that were, at least temporarily, abandoned by their mother.

To be honest, I’m still a bit astonished that mama duck could have left them in my driveway, where they most likely would have dehydrated had I not found them and saved them with a bit of water. (I can still see them splashing happily in the pie-pan as soon as I stepped back to give them space to drink.)

But nature isn’t always kind and things happen that make our hearts go owww. I don’t know for sure the babies were reunited with their mother. I do know they were revived enough by my temporary care to head back toward their watery home. My sense is that she was calling for them.

It’s a miracle any baby animal gets to survive the trials of growing up in nature. It can also be a miracle to wrap our hearts around a tender moment such as this. read more…

Womb of Life (Ode to a Tree)


Ode to a Tree.

Rooted deep in earth,
her arms reach toward heaven.

Ancient. Wise. Life-giving.

A web of connection,
she breathes us into being.

Oh if we could be
as spacious as a tree…

purely planted,
radiantly offered,

strong but supple,
ever changing,

forever anchored…
simply free.


A huge glow of GRATITUDE to #TreeSisters for their highly successful campaign to plant a billion trees (every year) to stem the tide of climate change by reforesting and protecting our rainforests. (I found the photo through one of their shares, but unfortunately cannot find the credit. I’m using with appreciation for whomever planted this beautiful image in my heart.)

JOIN this global grassroots giving movement and make every day Earth Day. Love our earth. She’s more than just home…birth, death, and the space between. Let us be conscious of our impact on her, this beautiful womb of life.

With Love, Shining Sora

Welcome to Today

Thank this life.

in the empty moments
before the day begins

there is a silent whisper.
listen carefully or you might miss it …

“Begin with Amen.”

thank this life for all that is holy
life wants this of you: to simply let go

to be so grateful … to be so open
to be so empty … to be so full

Welcome to Today.

Can One Person Change the World?

What Matters

(a re-share from last year…because it matters)

Spring has returned.

The earth
is like a child
that knows poems.

-Rainer Maria Rilke


Can ONE Word change a life?
Can ONE Person change the world?

Sometimes it feels like all the words have been said. I mix them up and let them flow in a slightly different order, but it’s apparent the words are the same.

Yesterday, a couple of words I don’t like to hear entered my awareness.

Apathy. Complacency. read more…

Morning Blossoms

morning blossom by Dan Franks

wisps of wonder
eyes now awake
i open my heart
to another day of loving

early morning quiet
deep breath of gratitude
the chaos of a waking world
inside this single blossom:
a peaceful heart

ahhhhh (and awe)
invites a simple reTurn
to the empty space
where miracles bloom

begin here…plant your day in Love.

What, then, IS Simple?


it’s not so simple
to show up day after day
in full readiness
to be radiant
no matter what

but this world needs
even the reluctant
warriors of Light
to put on our shine

what, then, IS simple?

to breathe, to smile,
to see beauty in a flower
to open our arms wide, let someone in …
to love

to begin again

The Simple Life

a little dove of peace

the simple life
comes from
great inner peace

inner peace comes
through ongoing choice:

dwell in Presence
or let yourself be carried away
by every outer storm

a deep letting go into inner stillness
equally symphonic & utterly quiet,
a frequency beyond sound

this is the simplicity that will carry you
into the wide awake ocean
of your radiant becoming

choose to empty
be peace full

Garden of Love

Happy Dahlias by Dan Franks

Every morning,
clear the ground, till the soil,
prepare for the planting.

Now go out and BE the Radiant Sun,
shining toward others
as they reach for the Light.

We all need this:
to be the sunshine for other
growing things.

A word of encouragement,
well placed, is the nourishment
that helps a garden grow.

Daily watering with belief,
makes it easier to pull the weeds
as they creep into the soil of our being.

Be mindful of what you are planting,
and turn toward the light
every chance you get.

Grow your garden with Love.

In Between

morning mist

the roses seem happy
as morning light kisses
their pink faces, wet
with evidence
of last night’s rains

i turn to them as i sit
in the between space
where light dances
and my joy
is still unformed

some day soon, let me rise
with a sudden smile
as I embrace the day
with fiery passion…
awakening body & mind

but today, let me linger
just a little longer
as I let myself be breathed
within this bright stillness…

opening to embrace
the song of my Soul


Tree Light

a single snowflake is a delicate thing

unique imprint of crystalline light,
beautiful & exquisite in its separateness

alone, it falls softly with little impact
clinging together, it becomes a storm

you, too, an exquisite imprint of Light
what will you cling to?

as you fall into step
with your soul’s bright calling,

as you cling with all your heart
to where it wants you to go,

as you melt into the present moment…
the Gift: Your Radiant Glow


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