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Cherish Your Moments

Cherish Your Moments

A perfect rose, captured
in one simple moment of awe.

You may see the beauty of a rose.

What I remember is this: my growing-up grandson, strolling through the rose garden, his legs now longer than mine. His sweet smile, given & received. Joy that lingers. Love that blooms.

One simple moment, exquisite
as a perfect yellow rose.

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Lost Your Holiday Twinkle?

Winter Stillness. Snowflakes falling, white on white. Twinkling lights, brightening the night. Fires burning to keep us warm. Hearts opening, friends linking arms. The space between notes, a silent sigh. Smiles between neighbors, stars up high. A memory of childhood,...

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More Gratitude? (Yes, Please)

What is it about these made-up days that creates such a whirlwind... a holiday daze? Black or White, buy Cyber or get in line for the low-price fight. Do the Gratitude Wrap-Wrap-Wrap Turn off the excess for simple joys. Embrace a different kind of noise. This is what...

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Muse Beacon with a Song

“Gratitude is the foundation for all prayer. When you say thank you, you fall into grace.” –Bob Sima Musicians who compose their own songs are constantly building a legacy, and this one is a pied-piper of Love. Bob Sima is part muse and the lyrics of his songs are...

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Grow a Legacy of Love

Here, in the small moments of life, is where your true legacy finds you. Not grown of material wealth, possessions passed along, monuments built or dreams fulfilled. Your legacy is shaped in a thousand simple moments of giving. A smile that springs from your heart, a...

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Stuck in the flotsam of the ocean, the foaming-churning surface appearing to hold what it wants to hold. The invitation is here, always, to dive deeper, beneath the pollution that is the crux of everyday living. We must choose to go to the depths where treasure lies....

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What is Enough? (The deeper conversation)

A preview from my new book, What is Enough? This passage flowed through after a session with my writing mentor, Stacy Nelson. She is amazing at helping me go beneath the surface to find a deeper message. I decided to share here for a couple reasons. One, because it...

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Plum Abundance

Sometimes even nature doesn’t know when enough is enough. The branches were bowing low, and I knew it was nearing time to pluck the ripening fruit. We pruned & pruned earlier in the spring, but you’d never know it from the hundreds of small round cherry-plums...

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Find Your Center

At the Center of the world, there is a meeting of zeros. All directions meet here: north-south-east-west. All paths converge to a single point named, Here. What if this is exactly where you are meant to be? The zero point. Where all begins. Your feet, grounded in this...

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What is Enough?

The introduction to my new book by this name... We begin with nothing. And, in that nothing, we are enough. We grow. We learn to attach. We separate from enough. The layers accumulate: emotional: was I loved enough? physical: do I have enough? spiritual: am I enough?...

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A Mothering Miracle

(Reprint from May 2015) A miracle can be simply a sudden shift in perception that causes us to say WOW—an opening of eyes to a new way of seeing or being. This experience caused me to shift my attention (and my activity) for long enough that it got me thinking...

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Womb of Life (Ode to a Tree)

Ode to a Tree. Rooted deep in earth, her arms reach toward heaven. Ancient. Wise. Life-giving. A web of connection, she breathes us into being. Oh if we could be as spacious as a tree... purely planted, radiantly offered, strong but supple, ever changing, forever...

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Welcome to Today

in the empty moments before the day begins there is a silent whisper. listen carefully or you might miss it ... "Begin with Amen." thank this life for all that is holy life wants this of you: to simply let go to be so grateful ... to be so open to be so empty ... to...

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